Need barcodes to sell your products in Australia?

We help Australian businesses get barcodes for their products. It's as easy as selecting your barcode package, getting instant delivery, and then applying them to your products.

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Reduced Complexity

Making it easy to get barcodes for your products

We help Australian business by taking the complexity out of getting authentic and reliable barcodes for your products.

Accepted Globally

Our barcodes are accepted globally and by major Australian retailers.

Zero Ongoing Fees

Pay for your barcodes once and own them for life. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Ownership Certificate

Recieve a Certificate of Authenticity & Ownership for every order placed with us.

Instant Delivery

Download your barcode package from your BarcodeBee account in just a few minutes.

Begin Selling Your Products in Stores with Our Barcodes
Key Points

Accepted by retailers throughout Australia

Our barcodes are not just accepted by major retailers throughout Australia, but can also be used globally in any country.

Authentic Barcodes
UCC/GS1 Originated
Certification Provided
Zero Hidden Fees
Fast & Easy Delivery
About Us

Helping you to Start Selling Your Products Now

We're dedicated to making things easy for you. That's why we'll handle providing you legitimate barcodes while you can focus on your business.

Why Choose Us?

BarcodeBee is the Easiest Solution to Owning Your Barcodes

Authentic Barcodes

The barcodes we provide are authentic, legal, and were originally issued from UCC/GS1. You will also be provided with a Certificate of Ownership.

Efficient & Reliable

Our technical infrastructure provides a seamless, efficient & reliable experience from placing your order to recieving your barcodes within minutes.

Here to Support You

We're here to help you. For us that means providing a phenonemal service to get you selling your products today, not tomorrow.

Worldwide Coverage

Our barcodes are ready for use globally. So no matter whether you're selling within Australia or abroad you're covered.

Our Customers

What our Customers are saying about BarcodeBee


Getting our barcodes from BarcodeBee has been our easiest experience to date. It was really easy to download our barcodes and get them onto our products, which now scan through perfectly in multiple stores.

Tahlia Nguyen
Company Director

I was very happy with ordering from BarcodeBee. Ordering was fast, got the job done, and is exactly what we needed. Will be looking to no other place than here in the future for purchasing our barcodes.

Tristan Mansader
Company Director

From not knowing anything about how barcodes work, I'm happy to say that purchasing from BarcodeBee has been a "painless" process. All the barcodes have worked perfectly and I will be ordering more again in the future.

Alex Regras
Product Manager
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Keeping things simple for you. We're dedicated towards helping businesses get barcodes for their products.

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