3 Simple Steps

How it works

Getting barcodes for your products, onto your products and into stores is easy. Follow the simple 3 step process below to find out how.

Step 1

Get a barcode for each different product variation

The first step is to decide how many barcodes you'll need. You'll need 1 for each product and each variation of that product, more information found here. Once you know how many you'll need you can head over to our order page and checkout with your barcode package.

Step 2

Apply the barcode onto your product or its packaging

Once you've downloaded your barcode package from inside your BarcodeBee account, you'll need to get your barcodes onto your products. You can do this by adding your barcode onto your products packaging, either directly applied into the packagings design or by printing your barcodes onto stickers and placing them on your products.

Step 3

Bring your product into stores and start selling

Now you're ready to get your products into stores! You can contact the retailers that will be selling your products and let them know. Once they have recieved your products with your barcodes on them, they will have a product onboarding process where they scan your barcodes through their system and associate them with your products.

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In just 2 simple steps you can purchase barcodes and have them delivered within minutes from now.


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